The Giant Slide

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We took the kids to a near by park called Mt Tabor Municipal Park. It has a giant slide for the kids to go down.


Simon’s First Carnival Ride

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Out with the old and in with the new

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I had to get a new car this last year as my last car decided to stop working.

We have had the Honda Civic since 2002. It ended up with 207,000 miles.

2013-12-17 16.49.15

I just got this nice Toyota Matrix. Hopefully it holds up for a long time to come

2013-12-28 16.01.46

Slow Smoked Barbecue

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I have been interested in the concept of slow cooking meets especially chuck roasts or shoulders. Apparently the tradition of slow cooking meets came from the south when they typically could only afford afford the tougher cuts of meat which were cheapest.

The issue with a good barbecue grill is that a good clay one will cost hundreds of dollars. I found a way in which I could make one for $50 by using clay pots from Home Depot. I found the inspiration to do this from this website.

I have been experimented with the system and the last time I made some incredible slow cooked pulled pork. Here are the recipes that I used

Smoke Pork Shoulder

Smoke Beef Chuck

Finally, here is the completed BBQ.

2013-03-09 14.52.25 2013-02-24 13.53.26

Tot Rickshaw

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Simon figured out that instead of peddling a bike, he can just get someone else to peddle it for him.


Dish Time

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Sometimes the kids manage to surprise with a constructive act (like, doing the dishes). I was surprised when these three were enthusiastically washing dishes as if it were the most enjoyable activity in the world. One of the three may not have been the most helpful but he did provide moral support.


Playtime with Simon

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Here are a couple of pictures of Simon playing around.



Window Seat

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Another one of my little projects has finally been completed. Its a window seat with floating bookshelves. All of the books on the shelves are filled with classics like The Borrowers, Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, Lord Of The Rings and other series like that.


What happens when Dad watches the baby?

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You can see that Simon is quite happy trying out the taste of dirt. However, I had to draw the line when he started putting dirt into a cup and trying to drink it.


Shelving Unit

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We got inspiration for a pipe and wood shelving unit one day when we ran across a website describing how they made it. We thought it would fit perfectly in our living room. Here are the pictures.

The inspiration

Here is my plan which I drew up


This is the space in the living room where we wanted to put the shelf

2013-05-05 09.20.37

Finally built and installed.

2013-05-11 21.10.42

Kirsten has been working with our different collections of stuff to decorate the shelves.